welcome to post-racial America where if you’re young, black, and unarmed, you’re still more likely to get shot by the police than if you were a white guy with a gun

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I just can’t wait to hear the line “i feared for my life” as the most popular excuse as to why this young man was killed 16 fucking times. How much more blood of black men is going to be spilled due to the color of their skin?

  • Trayvon Martin just had skittles and tea, he was unarmed.
  • Michael…
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"If they raise the subway fare one more time, I’m going to explode. I’m making nine dollars an hour. I walk home three hours from work every day to save that $2.50, because that’s a half gallon of milk for me and my daughter. And every time they raise the fare, they have a ‘hearing.’ But they aren’t hearing anything. It’s a fucking joke. If you go to one of those ‘hearings,’ every single person stands up and says: ‘Don’t raise the fare.’ Then they raise it anyway. Oh man, it burns me up. ‘We need the money,’ they say, ‘America is hurting.’ That’s bullshit! If I see one more TV program bragging about multimillion dollar homes I’m gonna scream. How about a fucking TV program that shows me if there is anywhere in this city that I can fucking afford to live anymore. I’m sorry, but it’s burning me up."

Do not apologize sir.

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"M" and "D," better known as the 2yungkings, may not be old enough to stay up to watch the news, but they already dress better than you (and they’ve got more followers too!).

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Rita Volk x Just Jared Jr.

Rita Volk x Just Jared Jr.

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You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are gray

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Zoya (right)

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Know your history, this affects us all. #FERGUSON #FergusonSolidarity #MikeBrown #RIPMikeBrown #Media #iftheygunnedmedown

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